Economical thermocouple assemblies consist of a soft insulated fiberglass that is housed in a stainless steel tube. Although this is a very simplistic thermocouple design, it is very versatile and durable if specified properly.
Unit of Measure


Thermocouple Style

N/A General Purpose Thermocouple

Calibration Type

N/A Type K Calibrated - Standard Limits

Junction Type

N/A Grounded

Sheath Material

N/A 304 Stainless Steel

Lead Length/Material

N/A 48" TFE/TFE Stranded Leads

Termination Style

N/A 2" Split Ends

Sheath Diameter

N/A 0.25 inches

Sheath Length

N/A 6 inches

Lead Time (Business Days)

N/A 7-10 Days