The TBA20 thermocouple uses flexible stainless steel armor cable with a rotating bayonet lock-cap on the outside diameter that adjusts to various immersion depths. The armor cable assures maximum protection of the thermocouple element for extension from the process.
Unit of Measure


Thermocouple Style

N/A Adjustable Depth Thermocouple with Armor

Calibration Type

N/A Type K Calibrated - Standard Limits

Junction Type

N/A Grounded

Sheath Material

N/A 304 Stainless Steel

Lead Length/Material

N/A 48" Stainless Steel Armor Stranded Leads

Termination Type

N/A Standard Plug

Sheath Diameter

N/A 0.188 inches

Tip Length

N/A 0.31 inches

Lead Time (Business Days)

N/A 7-10 Days